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Portrait Biplanat

R & J Beck Ltd



Image of Portrait Biplanat

Series II No. 6. f6, 11"

Lens Type:
Modified Petzval.

Iris diaphragm to f64. Brass and aluminium mount. 10" back focus. For 7" x 5".

Serial Number:
87473 .

The Biplanat appeared around 1902. The series I, introduced at that time, was an f5.8 rapid rectilinear for general use. The series II, introduced c. 1904, at f6 was for portraiture giving a soft image at full aperture. A series IV is listed as focusing. The series I lasted only a few years. The series II continued until the late 1900s in focal lengths from 5 - 17".

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c. 1911

Spencer Lens Co.



f4.5, 6"

Lens Type:
Single achromat. Soft focus.

Iris diaphragm to f22. Black mount with stepping ring, marked James A. Sinclair & Co. London. British Agents. For 5" x 4".

Serial Number:
531 .

Lens cap.

The Port-Land was sold in Britain by Sinclair in sizes of 6 - 18" and later to 20". It comprises a simple achromat meniscus lens mounted behind an iris diaphragm. The amount of softness can be controlled by altering the iris.

References & Notes:
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