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Angle Polariscope

Newton & Co.



Image of Angle Polariscope

Consists of polarising plates, slide holder, projection lens.


  • Three mahogany-mounted slides, 4" x 2 ⅛", 1 ⅝" images. One slide is marked Newton. In wood box.
  • Four glass slides.
  • Projection microscope. Consisting of slide holder; microscope objective; projection lens.
  • Wood box with Newton trade label.

Light from the lantern is polarised by reflection from a stack of glass plates, although a single plate would give polarised light a significant amount would be refracted. A stack of plates gives polarised reflection from the top surface of each plate.

An analyser (Nicol prism) should fit at the end of the projection lens, a Nicol prism is with this example but is combined with a microscope objective. The projection microscope attaches to the end of the projection lens. Also known as an elbow polariscope.

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