Reflex Finders - Antique and Vintage Cameras


c. 1950

Novoflex Fotogerätebau


West Germany

Image of Novoflex

Serial Number:
5126 .

Bellows unit. This fixes to the tripod socket of the reflex housing. Scaled to x2.4 for 13.5 cm lenses and x18 for 5 cm lenses (exposure factor).

The reflex housing has a prism mounted above a condenser and ground glass screen. The prism can be rotated. There is normally a coupling between the shutter release on the camera and the reflex housing. This example has a Leica thread.

The bellows are a special unit for use with the reflex housing.

References & Notes:
US Pat. 2576494. This covers the release method and coupling between the reflex unit and the camera shutter release.

Visoflex I

E. Leitz G.M.B.H.


West Germany

Image of Visoflex I

Serial Number:
12964 .


  • 5x vertical finder. Version with shorter body and straight knurling.
  • 90 degree finder.

The Visoflex I was introduced in 1951 and replaced the Mirror Reflex Housing (PLOOT) it was discontinued in 1962. Available in both screw and bayonet fittings.

Code Names:
OZYXO - Visoflex I. LVFOO - 5x vertical finder. PAMOO - 90 degree finder.

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