Levels - Antique and Vintage Cameras

Tylar's Photographic Level

W. Tylar



Image of Tylar's Photographic Level

A conventional spirit level that rests on or is held against the camera. Also advertised as the Common Sense. Price 3/-.

References & Notes:
AP Annual 1892, p. 385. Photography in a Nutshell, 1897.

Spirit Level

Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co. Ltd



Image of Spirit Level

T level, marked with Registered Design number 371429 (1901).

Spirit Level

Red liquid, nickel finish. Price tag of 2/-.

Spirit Level

Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Ltd



Image of Spirit Level

T level.

Spirit Level

Hinged level that can be used when the camera is turned on its side. Described as Martin's patent in the Fallowfield Annual. Sold by Perken Son & Rayment in 1893.

References & Notes:
BJP 31/3/1893, p. 204. Fallowfield Cat. 1909 - 1910, p. 99.

Spirit Level

Level that screws to the side of the camera. Similar models were made by Taylor, Taylor & Hobson.

References & Notes:
Fallowfield Cat. 1909 - 1910, p. 99.

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