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Reversing Prism

Hunter's Ltd



Image of Reversing Prism

For a 3" diameter lens.

Prisms were used in process work to laterally reverse the image so that the negative was laterally correct. The printing plate, printed on by the negative, would then be reversed and prints made from the plate would be correct.

Angle Mirror

Mid 1930s

Franke & Heidecke



Image of Angle Mirror

Angle Mirror. For taking exposures at 90 to the subject. To fit the Rolleiflex camera.

T.T.H. Modifier

c. 1928

Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Ltd



Image of T.T.H. Modifier

This consists of two cylindrical lenses, one positive one negative, of different powers. Turning the modifier produces a distorted image similar to those produced by warped mirrors at fairgrounds. It fits on to the 1" Cooke cine lens of the Bell & Howell Filmo 70 and 75 cameras. The Modifier can be rotated whilst filming.

f3.5, 1" T.T.H. Cooke Cine. Iris diaphragm to f16. Focusing to 1 foot. Serial no. 182868.

References & Notes:
BP 284483/1927, in the name of Arthur Warmisham and Kapella Ltd. could be connected.

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