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Early Dry-plate Negatives from the studio of Hills and Saunders

Image of Early Dry-plate Negatives from the studio of Hills and Saunders

  • Five 'two-ups'.
  • Four 6 " x 4 ".
  • One 6 " x 4 ". The negative shows two photographs that are being re-photographed.

Postage Stamp Negative

Image of Postage Stamp Negative

3 " x 4 " plate containing nine postage stamp-size images. Reproduction of a cabinet photograph by a studio in Blackheath.

The cabinet photograph is signed Henry Wayland. Blackheath.

The edges of the negative show parts of further images indicating that a camera with more than nine lenses or a repeating back was used.

Dry-Plate Negatives

One hundred and thirty 3 " x 4 " plates
. Including street scenes, and a photographer with a camera and tripod. In box. Many are of good quality. Some are masked on the two long sides of the image and were probably used in a magazine or changing box. c. 1890s.

Forty-eight 3 " x 4 " plates
. Outdoor scenes and farm animals.

Image of Frena Film

Frena Film
. Twenty 3 " x 2 ⅝" negatives. The subjects are mainly European street scenes.

Four, 4" x 5" plates. Outdoor scenes
. 1900s. Good subjects.

Fourteen, 3 " x 4 " plates
. Sculpture.

Seven, 3 " x 4 " plates
. Including village and woodland scenes. In a Royal Standard Ortho box. Some very good images. They are masked on the longer edges and probably taken in a magazine camera.

Two, 8" x 5" plates
. Early dry-plates one of sheep in a field the other of a house.

Approximately 120 stereo negatives 45 x 107 mm
. In four boxes by J. Jougla; A. Lumiere, Gelatino-Bromide; Guilleminot Gelatino-Bromide. Subjects include railway and bridge construction in South America.

Eleven, 6 " x 8 " and 6 " x 4 " negatives
. Produced by a portrait photographer (possibly Johnstone) showing retouching. In envelopes with printing and re-touching notes. One is stamped 1932. With two prints.

Around 1200 3 x 4 cm and 1 ⅝" x 2 " film negatives
. Subjects include: Graf Zeppelin, a battleship (possibly HMS Renown), cars, aircraft, views in and around London. With contact prints from many of the negatives. In metal box. Good quality images.

Several hundred 2 " x 3 " and 2 " x 4 " film negatives from 120 and 116 roll-film
. Subjects include: cars, aircraft, views of London. With contact prints from some of the negatives. In wallets. Processors names on wallets: W. Ryley Pratt, 60 High St. and 190 High St. Barnet and the Village East Barnet; Westminster, 62 Piccadilly, 119 Victoria St. 111 Oxford St.; Edgar Davies MPS, 57 Dudden Hill Lane, Willesden N.W.10.

Image of Nineteen, 2 " x 4 " film negatives some showing Autographic captions

Nineteen, 2 " x 4 " film negatives some showing Autographic captions

2 " x 4 " film negatives from 116 roll-film
. Subjects include farming. With some contact prints.

Film negatives 2 " x 3 " with some contact prints
. c. 1930s. Subjects include passenger liners; countryside; churches; one shows a man using a camera. Several negatives have 'V V' in the border. The passenger liners are the Berengaria, Queen Mary and possibly the Olympic in a floating dock at Southampton.

Around 124, 2 " x 3 " film negatives

Around 200 film negatives
. Various sizes including 4.5 x 6 cm, 2 " x 3 ", 3 " x 4 ", 2 " x 4 " and 3" x 5". Some in wallets.

35 mm negatives

Image of 35 mm negatives

A roll of 35 mm negatives. Ilford H.P.3. Probably from the 1940s.

Disc negatives

Image of Disc negatives

15, 8 x 10 mm negatives on a disc. Introduced in 1982 for a Kodak range of cameras.

Minox negatives

Minox G.M.B.H.


West Germany

Image of Minox negatives

8 x 11 mm negatives in wallet.





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