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Leitz Large Printer


E. Leitz G.M.B.H.



Image of Leitz Large Printer

24 x 36 mm negatives and 2" x 2" lantern slides.

15 watt opal bulb.

"Large Printer for Leica lantern slides or positive film strips" - pamphlet d. Aug 1936.

This consists of a base containing the lamp, red observation lamp, rheostat and electrical connections. Onto this a holder for 33' of 35 mm diapositive film or an attachment for 2" x 2" slides can be fitted. A separate pressure plate fits the slide attachment to use positive paper. An attachment for the slide copier allowed 3 x 4 cm and 4 x 4 cm negatives to be used with 4 cm wide film. Other fittings allowed for 18 x 24 mm negatives.

Early attachments have a slot for shading parts of the negative, the slide attachment with this example has such a slot. The parts in this example date from different periods. The crackle finish of the slide holder is 1930s. The finish of the diapositive attachment dates to the 1950s, it does not have a shading slot as shown in early illustrations. The shape of the lamp switch varies. Early models of the base housing have the Leitz logo stamped into the metal, later (this example) it is an applied badge. Discontinued in 1957.

Code Names:
KOLOM - Base. KOGLA - 2" x 2" glass slide attachment. KOTOS - Diapositive film attachment. 7323b - Pamphlet.

References & Notes:
Leitz Cat. 1933, p. 42.


E. Leitz G.M.B.H.


West Germany

Image of Eldia

Contact printer for printing 24 x 18 mm or 24 x 36 mm negatives onto positive film or paper.

Instructions. Box.

The Eldia first appeared in 1927 and remained in production until the 1960s. An accessory mask was used for 24 x 18 mm negatives. The finish of this example dates to the 1950s.

Code Names:

References & Notes:
Leitz General Cat. 1933, p. 41.

35 mm film strip printer

24 x 36 mm negatives.

Ilford Film Strip Printer


Ilford Ltd



Image of Ilford Film Strip Printer

For contact printing and producing film strips from 35 mm film. Capacity for 16 feet of positive film.

Film gate masks for 24 x 18 mm and 24 x 36 mm negatives. Box.

References & Notes:
BJA 1957, p. 174.

Westbury Contact Printer

Improved model




Image of Westbury Contact Printer Improved model

For making contact prints from 2 " x 3 " negatives.

Instructions, box.

The Westbury was introduced in 1955, in 1958 an improved version included a step wedge. The step wedge was illuminated along with the negative the density of a key feature in the negative was matched to one value on the step wedge which then gave the exposure time.

References & Notes:
BJA 1956, p. 199. BJA 1958, p. 217.

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