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Houghton-Butcher (Great Britain) Ltd



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f6.3, 5 " Aldis-Butcher Anastigmat, iris diaphragm f22. Serial no. 143585 .

Betax No 1, five-blade leaf shutter by Wollensak. Speeds 1/2 - 1/100, B, T. Serial no. 2615.

Leather covered mahogany body, exposed wood is painted black, blued or nickel plated metal parts, leather bellows.

3 " x 4 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows to 22". Double extension with additional extension by using the front panel struts.

Brilliant view-finder. Spirit level. Infinity catch. Revolving back. Wide-angle flap. Drop-bed.

Type 2 front standard lock. Type 4 infinity catch. Tongue and groove lens panel. Rack and pinion rising front. Late type front standard bolts. Type 1 handle to wide-angle rack. Revolving back. Type 6 name plaque. No patent details on struts. Type 4 wide-angle flap catch.

Rising front, tilting front.

Serial Number:
26162 .

Retailer's address on filter: Redferns Opticians, Sheffield. Instruction book has Ensign Ltd name dating from 1930.


  • Hooded focusing screen. 3 block-form double dark-slides (1 - 6) with 2 cut film holders by Ensign.
  • Ensign cable release. Instruction book. Primus graduated sky filter in holder and blue filter. In box with Ensign Ltd name.

This is the final model of the Sanderson 'Hand and Stand' range. The Sanderson was updated to a black and nickel finish with silver oxidised (blued) external fittings, nickel finish internal fittings and a revolving back. The price in 1932 was 17.5.0. A range of lenses and shutters was offered the most expensive being a Ross Combinable in a Compur. The 1928 Ensign Catalogue lists the Sanderson as having a black and nickel finish but still fitted with a reversing back, the 1931 catalogue lists a revolving back as does an advertisement in Photograms of the Year 1928. Either the Ensign Catalogue of 1928 had not been updated to list a revolving back or a few intermediate models were produced.

For a list of Sanderson models, versions and an explanation of features see Sanderson Notes.

References & Notes:
Sanderson Notes. Ensign Catalogue 1928, p. 46. Photograms 1928, p. 29.

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