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Image of Nettax

f2.8, 5 cm Zeiss Tessar, iris diaphragm to f22. Removable bayonet mount lens. Serial no. 1897198 (1936).

Metal vertically running focal-plane, speeds 1/5 - 1/1000, B.

Leather covered metal body.

36, 24 x 36 mm exposures on 35 mm cine film held in special or standard cassettes. Two cassettes can be used or one with the film being re-wound.

To 1 metre.

Rotating wedge coupled rangefinder, central double image. Direct-vision (lens/lens) view-finder.
Film advance by sprocket wheel that rotates backwards for re-wind. Auto-stop on film advance coupled to shutter. Exposure counter.
Depth-of-field scale.

Serial Number:
C86282 (c. 1936) .

Ever-ready case.

The Nettax fits between the Super Nettel II, with which it shares a body housing and shutter, and the Contax. When first shown in 1936 at Leipzig it was listed as the Super Nettel III, it was aimed at those who liked the Super Nettel but wanted interchangeable lenses and were not able to afford the more expensive Contax; with an f2.8 lens the Nettax cost £32 compared to £43 for the Contax II.

Unfortunately the Nettax was not developed and its range of accessories remained limited. Standard lenses were either an f2.8 or f3.5, 5 cm Tessar, a 10.5 cm long-focus was available and the Contax 28 mm Tessar wide-angle could be used via an adapter (without rangefinder coupling).

The rangefinder used is a rotating wedge type similar to that used on the Super Nettel, the wedges are contained within the lens mount and coupled to the focusing lever that surrounds the lens.

Early illustrations show a camera without a red spot on the body to align the lens and without the fold-out foot, possibly a pre-production model.

Nettax Accessories
  • 10.5 cm Triotar lens.
  • Albada finder for 10.5 cm lens. 433/41.
  • Adapter to mount 28 mm Tessar on the Nettax.
  • Finder for 28 mm Tessar. 432/3.
  • Contameter, shared with the Super Nettel. 1342.
  • Plate Adapter, shared with the Super Nettel. 536/13.
  • Adapter to mount Nettax 2" lenses on Contax accessories. 538/40.
  • Adapter to mount Nettax body on Contax equipment such as the Optical Transparency Printer and the Reproduction Apparatus. 538/39.
  • Purse type case for camera. 1777/10.
  • Soft ever-ready case. 1745/6.
  • Ever-ready case. 1794/2.
  • Flash bulb synchroniser. 3613/11.
Other accessories such as filters, lens hoods and finders were common amongst Zeiss cameras.

References & Notes:
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