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f8, c. 13" Wray Rapid Rectilinear, Waterhouse stops. Serial no. 1626 .

Spanish mahogany with brass fittings. Dovetail joints. Leather, square cornered bellows.

6 " x 8 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows. Double extension, rack and pinion (straight cut) movement to inner frame. Fixed rear standard.

Removable lens panel. Reversing back.

Rising front, tilting back.

1 double dark-slide. 6 Waterhouse stops to f64 marked in f numbers and US. In Wray pouch. Lens cap. Tripod top.

A patent by Brown refers to the method of clamping the front standard to the baseboard and clamping the rising front. The rear standard is hinged to the baseboard making this a folding bed design. In this form the camera was sold under the Shew name as the Combination. Later, a camera with the same front standard clamps but with a rear standard that moved along the baseboard was sold by several makers including Shew, as the Improved Combination and Aluminium Combination, J. J. Griffin, as the Garrick Tourist, and the London & Paris Optic & Clock Company (LPOC) as the Duchess. A very similar patent for clamping the front standard was issued to Cusworth (1887) and some cameras exist marked 'Cusworth's Patent'.

J. E. Brown advertised in the 1888 BJA as manufacturer of the 'Combination', the 'Ariel' and other cameras and accessories. He was situated at 26 Bowling Green Lane, Farringdon Rd with a factory at 13a Ann Street, Willmington Square, Clerkenwell. These two premises are in the same area of Clerkenwell.

References & Notes:
BP 2496/1885. YBP 1887, p. iv (Shew). Sci. Mus. Cat. p. 16, shows patent 2496/85 on a Shew camera.

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