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Vario Macro Lens

Image of Vario Macro Lens

f3.5, 35 mm

This is a prime lens in a sunk mount for use with a bellows unit on a 35 mm camera. Iris diaphragm to f16. T mount fitting.

T2 mount to Exakta ring. Lens cap.

Close-up Lenses and Prisms

Image of Ricoh Close-up Adapters

Ricoh Close-up Adapters
. Riken Optical Industries, Tokyo. Consists of a 1 dioptre close-up lens and a combined close-up lens and prism for the viewing lens. Bayonet mount. For the Ricohflex twin-lens reflex. Case, box.

Aico Close-up Adapters
. Aico. Consists of a 1 dioptre close-up lens and combined close-up lens and prism for the viewing lens, marked f3.5. Bayonet mount. For a twin-lens reflex. Case.

Prismeter No.1
. 1950s. Butterfield Photographic Mfg. Co., Portslade. Close-up attachment for the Leica. Consists of a close-up lens and a fitting that clips over the view-finder and rangefinder windows providing parallax adjustment. For Leica 11 to 111B, 36 mm lens mount. Instructions, box.

The Prismeter was a very neat solution to the problem of parallax on rangefinder cameras. A number 2 model was also produced as well as models for other cameras.

Image of Proximeter II

Proximeter II
. Voigtländer & Sohn, Braunschweig. Close-up attachment for a Voigtländer Vitessa camera. 37 mm lens fitting.


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