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f4.5, 100 mm Ensar Anastigmat, iris diaphragm to f32. Serial no. 131643 .

Rim-set Compur, speeds 1 - 1/250, B, T. Delayed action. Serial no. 3427303.

Leather covered metal body, leather bellows.

8, 6 x 9 cm or 16, 6 x 4.5 cm exposures on E20 (120) roll-film.

Bellows to 3 feet.

Coupled rangefinder, double image. Brilliant and direct-vision (lens/lens) view-finder.
Film advance indicated by red window. Not coupled.
Radial focusing lever on front bed.

Rise and cross front.

Serial Number:
H25219 .

The Autorange was produced in several models:

  • 1934 - This model was for 6 x 9 cm exposures only, it had a wire frame finder as well as a brilliant finder. The rangefinder had rounded ends and there was no direct-vision view-finder. Lenses: Ensar; Aldis Uno; Xpres or Tessar, all working at f4.5. All lenses were available in a Compur shutter the Ensar was also available fitted in a Trichro or Mulchro shutter.
  • 1935 - The rangefinder housing now had square windows and a direct-vision view-finder. The same lenses as previously were available. A Prontor shutter was additionally added for the Ensar lens, and a Compur Rapid was available for all lenses. A model with an f3.8 Tessar in a Compur Rapid was advertised as the 'Super Speed'.
  • Focal Plane, 1935 - Same lenses as for the 1935 model but with a focal-plane shutter.
  • Autorange-20, 1937 - Dual format 6 x 9 cm and 6 x 4.5 cm. There was no frame finder. Same lenses and shutters as the 1935 model.

The camera with its pull-out front looks very dated for the mid 1930s, the Autorange 220 introduced in 1937 has a much more modern look.

References & Notes:
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