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f4.5, 6" Ross Anastigmat, iris diaphragm to f32. Serial no. 106649 (1925).

Focal-plane, speeds 1/15 - 1/1000, T. Self-capping. Speeds varied by varying slit width.

Polished teak body brass fittings. Tan leather bellows, rear focusing back and focusing hood.

3 " x 4 " plates held in double dark-slides.

Bellows to 27".

Reflex viewing through taking lens. Full-size ground glass screen.
Reversing back.

Rack and pinion rising front.

Serial Number:
8592 .

Focusing back. 3 block-form double dark-slides.

C.S.& E. sold a number of different reflex cameras under the Salex name. This camera was made for them by Houghtons. It appeared first under the Ensign name around 1915, called the Ensign Popular Reflex. Mostly found in a leather finish but tropical model Ensigns as well as Salex models were made.

Houghtons changed the layout of the controls (release lever etc.) of the Popular Reflex around 1928. The finish of the tropical model also changed to a light wax finish from the earlier high gloss lacquer. Some of the fittings e.g. focusing back, are very similar to those on the Sanderson cameras. The shutter is of simple design but works well. Only one dial is used to set the speed and tension the shutter. After exposure the mirror returns to the down position.

References & Notes:
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